In/Out Service

How much time do you waste trailering your boat, uncovering it, recovering it, washing it, and worrying about it? Sometimes, it hardly seems worth all the effort.

Boat Storage Boat Dock Boat Boat Boat

We take care of all that for you so when you’re ready to go, your boat is, too. Just step on board, load up, and take off.

The Wharf Marina features dry rack storage for convenient in-and-out service in a year-round heated facility. Just call us 30 minutes before you plan to arrive at the dock and we’ll have your boat ready and waiting for you when you get out of your car.

We have multiple launching docks that enable us to launch several boats at a time. This helps keep your wait time down during those hot, sunny days.

Our dockside fuel service allows us to begin fueling your boat before your arrival to speed your preparation for a good day on the water. We provide 91 and 93 Octane Ethanol-Free Gasoline. Simply let our dockhands know if you wish to fill up when you call for launching.

It’s easy to protect your investment with warm, dry storage that keeps your boat clean and free of algae growth, barnacles, and water-borne corrosion which not only can diminish the boats performance, it can also decrease its life span. With our dry rack storage service, you will experience all the pleasures of boating without the hassle. At the end of your boating day, we'll rinse your boat down with fresh water and put it back in its berth in our indoor facility.

You can enjoy complete peace of mind when you know your boat is out of harm’s way in our enclosed, fire-protected, locked building. No vandalism, no pilfering, no bottom painting, and no excessive fading of canvas and upholstery by the sun. We offer a hassle-free, work-free, and quick way of boating with all of the best conveniences.